Sleight of Heart

  He said it could quite possibly be the most important text he’d ever sent (to her), and would she like to meet him at The Bamboo Hut for an early dinner. Hell, yeah, she would! With her wild heart pounding, Renée texted back saying she would be there at 6:00. What could it be? […]
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Dead Dolly

** Until the day I die, I’ll never forget them glassy, unblinking eyes. You know, I’d made that gris-gris—what you all call a Voodoo Doll— myself.  Mawmaw taught me how  when I was a kid back in Bayou Lafourche.  She said that since we were direct descendents of Marie Laveau, it was our legacy.  My mama died giving birth to me, so […]
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A Secret’s Secret

  I’m one of your most dangerous secrets. A guilty pleasure kept safely under the covers and silent as a lie. Be mindful of certain secrets, my dear. They want their story told.        

Of All People

Today’s writing prompts at The Haunted Wordsmith are the words, Memory, best, “go with you” and the image below. I tried to prepare myself for this day. I knew it was going to happen and I knew it would hurt like hell. There’s no way I was anywhere near ready to lose you. You? You, of all […]
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Mr. Jamison

Today’s writing prompt at The Haunted Wordsmith is the image below. Clowns are people. Real people. No bullshit. Believe it or not, our lives don’t begin and end under the big top. We have homes, wives, parents, children, friends, and ups & downs. Just like you, we have lives. We have names, too. Brace yourselves, […]
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