The Artiste

Today's writing prompt over at The Haunted Wordsmith is the image below. Would this train ride never end?   William stared out the window at nothing much, just as he’d been doing for days. He knew travelling from New Jersey to San Francisco by train would be grueling, but he was not prepared for the [...]

Date Night

Date Night

    "See Jeff, this is why I avoid all-you-can-ingest plankton bars: everybody's focused on stuffing themselves, nobody looks where they're going, you never know whose tentacles are tangled-up with's ridiculous!" "Well Margaret, if you'd made reservations at Chez Bon Bon Medusozoa like I suggested..." "Oh, so now it's my fault?"  

Mercury in Retrograde

  "This is the library?" Jennie stared out the passenger side window of their Porsche. "Oh, it's more than just a library," Marcus explained patiently. "This is also the fresh market, greenhouse, and community center." "Community center?" Jennie sniffed. "How do you figure? The place is deserted!" "It's lunchtime," Marcus countered. "Everybody is home, eating. They'll [...]