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In Warm Pursuit

Today’s writing prompt at the FOWChallenge is the word pursuit. Dagmar Bezhyumanka was a woman on a mission: to flush-out true love from its hiding place. She’d exhausted the traditional methods: blind dates, fix-ups, singles’ bars, even hanging out in the produce section of the Jewel-Osco on Sunday mornings in hopes of snagging Mr. Right. No luck. Men […]
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The Plan

It’s Wordle 382 at the Sunday Whirl! Geoffrey was late for everything, so it was no surprise that he missed the last train to BFE. The next one was scheduled for 9:00 pm that night. “But that’s three hourrrrrs from now…” Geoffrey whined to the ticket person—Sybil, according to her name tag. “I knowwww…,” she […]
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This week’s prompt at 3LineTales is the image below. ∞∞∞ Meredith bragged to her friends that her brand new Chuck Taylor All Stars were the exact same shade of yellow as the guard rail. They didn’t believe her so after school she tried to prove them wrong. It turned out that the color of Meredith’s […]
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Black of Night

This week’s writing prompt over at 3linetales is the image below.   It was one of those times when you just knew something big was going to happen — even the air seemed to sizzle with anticipation. The three of us got comfortable beneath a willow tree, waiting, watching, wondering, and eventually dozing off. I […]
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You Betcha!

This week’s writing prompt for the Shapeshifting 13 Challenge is the image below. Exactly 13 words. “Anodder invention, Olie?” “A canoe, Sven.” “Tink it vill hold vater?” “You betcha!”