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The buildings cast ominous, lurking shadows as the sun set behind them. The streets were deserted aside from a handful of homeless people looking for a place to crash. Fred was new to the area and found himself fascinated by Birmingham’s ‘skyscrapers.’ There sure wasn’t anything like it back home in Yawnsville, Arkansas. Of them […]
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The Cute Cop

“Sherri!” “Mom?” Sherri sighed. She knew what was coming, and turned the TV down. “When are you going to clean up your room? It’s a pig sty; I don’t know how you find anything in that mess.” “What’s wrong with it?” Sherri joked. “Oh, for Cripes sake Sherri. You’re impossible!” Sherri knew her mother was […]
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A Cherita: Shy Valentine

  If you insist… I suppose one kiss would be okay on second thought another kiss would be very okay.       The Daily Post


There were bows and flaming arrows; whooping, and wailing. Then, someone yelled, “Circle the wagons!” So, I grabbed a stick and drew a circle in the dirt ‘round ‘ol Bessie. (Rather silly of me, looking back). Alas! The cause of our demise was merely a question of semantics.   The Daily Post

A Polski Christmas

It was a time when Polack jokes ran rampant and I didn’t want to be one of them. I found my Polish heritage to be  a source of embarrassment rather than pride. Our neighbors were the Butlers, the Johnsons, the Millers and the Jacksons. My surname stood apart in its wild morphing of two incompatible […]
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