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After Stavros

 *** By all accounts, he was a bad idea: √ Charming √ Chick magnet √ Functioning alcoholic √ Commitment-shy. These dubious qualities are exactly what provided Kiera with the impetus for her pursuit. They always had. His velvet brown eyes sparkled silver when he smiled and listened intently to whatever nonsense his customers spewed. Every so often he’d glance her way […]
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Shelve It

You’re the last chapter In my tattered Book of Love. It’s time to shelve it.   dog-eared pages torn clichés fade to sepia like yesterday’s dreams   and you flicked what’s left of my broken heart off my sleeve into the dirt.   Thought I’d saved the best for last; you proved me wrong for […]
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Wanted: Lawnmower

Click to learn more about The Blog Propellant. The lawn was weedy and overgrown. It had been that way for months, maybe longer. Who gives a fuck about the grass? It had happened again. She walked right into another friendship/relationship trap. Eyes wide open and common sense on hiatus. Fraught with peril it was, with no chance of […]
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