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Perpetual Slow-Mo

Today’s word at Word of the Day Challenge is “wish.”

Wishes, no matter

how heartfelt how


can sometimes

surprise you and

come true and life

is suddenly perfect.


Other wishes don’t

stand a chance in


of turning out and

when they don’t

your heart shatters like

great grandmother’s

Christmas ornaments—

in sudden, perpetual


And you truly


that surprised.




Shelve It

You’re the last chapter

In my tattered Book of Love.

It’s time to shelve it.


dog-eared pages torn

clichés fade to sepia

like yesterday’s dreams


and you flicked what’s left

of my broken heart off my

sleeve into the dirt.


Thought I’d saved the best

for last; you proved me wrong for

the last time. Again.



SusanWritesPrecise/ Susan Marie Shuman