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A Rubaiyat: Love Wins Again

The Rubaiyat poetry form for dVerse Poets Pub. He was the man they loved to hate For reasons one can’t clearly state. A lonely man without a friend, It seemed like much too cruel a fate.   A wealthy man who dared not spend This one rule he would not bend One day he met […]
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Captain January

It’s still my favorite January.   The typical grey, cold nothingness hovered until the magic happened.   You made the sun shine and flowers bloom — like only you could. Albeit fleeting, I’d do it all again. With you.      

Should the Tables Turn

  I cannot imagine my life without you in it, at least in some capacity. While I am not a woman who shares her man willingly, for you I make the exception. For you, my lover. My heart. My anomaly. But what if the tables were to turn? Would you be so understanding? Would not […]
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Crayons in Heaven

Written for The Haunted Wordsmith’s Daily Prompt, which is the image below. The sun yawns, waking me up to gauzy shades of orangey-yellow your favorite color! So glad there are crayons in Heaven.    

The Moon and Me

did you see the Moon early this morning? ripe and luscious and ready to burst — remember when I was just like Her?