My Charms

Today at the dVerse Poets, we have Art as Inspiration, and introducing Beverly Dyer.   I may as well have tried to tame a Mustang stallion or steal a mirage thinking my charms were enough to capture your heart and you would love me back.  

Perpetual Camouflage

It's Poetics Tuesday over at dVerse. The writing prompt is invisible.   when a chameleon is trapped in perpetual camouflage   or your reflection in the mirror and its gut-punching silence when you ask (like an idiot!) who's the fairest of them all.   It's when you realize the world has suddenly gone blind to [...]

For Certain

It's Poetics Tuesday at the dVerse Poets Pub! This week's prompt is harbinger. the steamy glances shooting over the top of your menu with Cupid's arrow precision, the way you look at me and sigh like a slow summer waltz watching my heart melt like Belgian chocolate in the sun with that curious half smile on [...]