Elsewhere Tableau

It’s the Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip over at MLMM! This week we’ll be crafting a Tableau. Any topic. A tableau consists of one or more verses, each having six lines. Each line should have five beats. There is no set rhyme scheme, although rhyme may be present. The title should contain the word tableau.

Veil of twilight falls

Like it always has

The stars still appear

Twinkling bright silver

And as if nothing

in this world had changed.


But how can this be?

Even birds still sing

How can they not know?

That you are not here

Forever elsewhere.

And daisies still bloom?



Carnival Glass

It’s First Line Friday over at the MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie blog. This week our first line is: Jaime spent the whole day browsing the antique store and left with just one thing.

Jaime spent the whole day browsing the antique store and left with just one thing.

And it was the perfect addition to Carmen’s collection: a Fenton Ambergina carnival glass swing vase. It had cost nearly half of her paycheck, but as far as Jaime was concerned, Carmen was worth every dime. Plus, she wanted their fifth anniversary to be extra  special.

On her way home, Jaime stopped at the Periwinkle Pub for a quick beer. It had been her favorite hang-out for years and she had some time to kill before Carmen got home from work.

“Hey, Jaime!” the bartender, Billy, greeted her, inserting an accent on the second syllable of her name. “What’ll it be?”

Jame shrugged off her coat with a smile. “The usual, I guess. Blue Moon Belgian.”

KT Tunstall’s Black Horse and the Cherry Tree was playing on the jukebox. Jaime always liked the song but never could figure out what it was about.

Billy brought her beer and Jaime tried to give him her credit card.

“Nah, I got it,” Billy smiled, but wouldn’t meet her gaze.

“Really?” Jaime sipped her beer. “Thanks, Billy, but what’s the occasion?”

“You didn’t deserve what she done. Someone like you, that should never happen to.”

“She who? What are you talking about?” Jaime’s throat felt tight and dry.

“Carmen and that…” Billy’s voice trailed off and he turned pale.

“C’mon, Billy,” Jaime’s voice trembled. “Carmen and who? What’s going on?”

“Uh, I thought you knew, I mean, everybody ‘y’know, everyb—”

“Everybody what?

Billy sighed. “I’m really sorry Jaime.  From now on, I’m keepin’ my trap shut!”

“Open it one last time an’ tell me. Please!”

“Okay, okay,” Billy sighed. “Carmen and that Emily, or Emma, whatever her name is. They’re an item now.” Billy rolled his eyes. “In fact they just left here about a half hour ago.”

Jaime sank back in her seat. “What? How?” She mumbled as the flood of tears Billy look like he was under water.

“I’m sorry, Jaime. Really sorry…”

Jaime nodded.

“You want another one?” He motioned toward her empty glass.

Yeah, sure” Jaime sniffled and put her coat back on. “I gotta run out to my car for a minute. Be right back.”

A few minutes later Jaime returned with box containing the carnival glass vase.

“Here,” she gently placed the box on the bar and scooted it toward Billy. “Give this to your girlfriend, or mom, or someone. I was gonna smash it but she’s not worth it; she’s not even worth a dime.”



Champagne & Drive-Ins

For today’s prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, we are to write a diary/journal entry. The entry can be from any point in the narrator’s life past, present, or future. If future tense and from our own perspective try to imagine where you would like to be. If we are writing from our own past try to write from your perspective at that time. If we are writing as a seven year old child it should read as if it was written by a seven year old child.

Dear Diary,

Tonight would be a very special night according to my mom. She said it would be a night that I’d always remember and never forget.

Tonight, I had my first legit date. His name is Robin and he is 16 with a driver’s license. He’s a nice guy and everything, but he’s super-skinny and has super short hair. The one I really like is his friend Russ. He is also 16 and is super cute. To die for cute! It was double-date so Russ took my friend Brenda, who is of course, better looking than me. I suppose that’s why Russ likes her. I wonder if Robin would rather be with Brenda too. Who cares because I don’t like him that much anyway.


Russ had a fake ID and bought some beer and champagne, Then they took us to a drive-in movie.


That night I learned something very important: do not drink champagne from the bottle. When I took a swig from the champagne bottle it fizzed up in my mouth and I couldn’t swallow. My only choice was to spew it out all over the windshield, which I did. Everyone laughed and I felt like an idiot. Robin wasn’t even mad. He must like me a lot.

Too bad.

That was our last date because Robin was a sloppy kisser.




Eighth Grade

Today’s writing prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie is Make a Wish.


So, I was walking along the same old dirt road I walked every day to wait for the school bus, thinking about how much I hated school. It was stupid. I wasn’t good at it, nor was I interested in any of the subjects. Eight years of school ought to be enough. I could read, write, and do simple math. What more did a girl need? I was gonna marry Bobby Sanchez from 10th grade anyway, and he already had a job at Burger King. I was all set!


And that’s when I saw it from the corner of my eye: a glint of gold in the sunlight. I walked over to investigate and it was one of those magic lamp things like on I Dream of Jeannie. I picked it up and looked around. Not sure what I was looking for but that’s what people do when they find something cool. Next, I started rubbing it, hoping some smoke and a genie would come out.


Sure enough, after a few minutes that’s exactly what happened! After the smoke cleared, the genie said I could have three wishes.

Hmmm… I thought for a minute and blurted out wish number one: I wished I’d never have to go to school again, ever!

The genie made some kind of magic sign with his hands and said, “It is done. What else you want?”

“Ummm….. I know! A set a fake fingernails with lavender nail polish on them.”

See, my mom absolutely would not let me buy or wear fake fingernails, and I wanted them more than anything!

“Okay,” the genie shrugged. And BOOM! suddenly I had ten beautiful lavender nails!

Then the genie asked what I wanted for my final wish.

I was sort of hungry so I asked for a package of Twinkies. In a puff of smoke, the genie was gone and a package of Twinkies was in my hand.

Now what?

Twenty years later I have an 8th grade education, three kids and no husband. Bobby turned out to be a jerk although he still works at Burger King. I live in a dump and I’m on welfare. The fake fingernails fell off after two weeks.

Those Twinkies were delicious, though.

At least I made one right choice.




Susan Marie Shuman/SusanWritesPrecise

Got Guts?

It’s the Lucky Dip Saturday Mix over at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie. Today we are to write a Somonka:

The somonka is a Japanese form. In fact, it’s basically two tankas written as two love letters to each other (one tanka per love letter). This form usually demands two authors, but it is possible to have a poet take on two personas. Click here for a refresher on the tanka.

You’ll never leave her

But oh, how I wished and prayed

we’d be together.

You must grow a backbone

learn to stand up for yourself!



O, pshaw, pshaw!

I packed my things this morning

and left her for good,

But not for you, I’m afraid.

How’s that for backbone, my dear?