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Voodoo Woman

Tangerine sun sinks behind live oaks dripping with musky Spanish moss wild gleam in agate eyes, Voodoo woman waits ‘til the time is right.      

Hollow Substance

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai cherished memories of better times and best friends all lost to me now. Reality or a mind’s eye tweak — does it matter?        

Don’t Stop

  kisses bitter-hot like melting sugar, a tingle a nibble: a tease.    

Sun Flowers

The theme for our last weekend-meditation at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai was Sunflower and Ken has created a wonderful haiku to work with and create a Tan Renga with. You have to add the second stanza (2-lines approx. 14 syllables) through association on the scenes in the haiku. Here is that beauty by Ken:   […]
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Reality Bites

  This week’s Haiku prompts at Ronovan Writes are the words magic and man.   Starry-eyed in love I chose to perceive magic but he’s just a man