Candle Mustard

Candle Mustard

The mail carrier had come early that day, and Melissa rushed out to see what he'd brought. There was a shiny looking envelope hand-lettered in magenta Candle Mustard — their signature font. "Oh, God," she mumbled. "Not another damn Sublimity Party." Sure enough, it was. And for that coming Saturday, no less. "Crap! I'm so [...]

Chasya & Samar

On her knees and white-knuckling the porcelain bowl, Samar awaited the next surge of morning sickness to spew forth. In the kitchen, Abdul was shrieking at one of his buddies on the prepaid cell phone she’d purchased for him at Wal-Mart yesterday. “Pray God my baby isn’t a boy,” she implored and wretched the remainder [...]

Ticket to Paradise

Today's writing prompt over at Mindlovemisery's Menagerie is Train Ticket. Geoffrey was late for everything, so it was no surprise that he missed the last train to Paradise, PA. The next one was scheduled for 9:00 pm that night. “But that’s three hourrrrrs from now…” Geoffrey whined to the ticket person—Sybil, according to her name [...]

Homeboy’s Sneakers

Phil had only a few weeks left at the Chesterfield Halfway House in Plymouth, Michigan. That is, if he followed all their silly rules and didn’t screw up. It seemed to Phil that the people in charge at Chesterfield didn’t care about the “guests’” feelings, well-being, or whether they got better or relapsed. In fact, [...]