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Out of Control

A Quadrille for the dVerse Poetry Pub It was my go-to if things got out of control. my ace in the hole. kept it in the back of my mind like an extra 5 bucks just in case. today I finally used it— but changed my mind.   Can’t un-slit my throat.  


It’s Quadrille Monday over at the dVerse Poets Pub. The prompt is “Spike.” Spiked like the cherry punch at senior prom, slower than a Mississippi Sunday afternoon; softer than a kitten’s sigh but with a kick like a .475 Magnum — leaving me with the sweetest hangover that won’t let go. That’s how kissing you […]
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The Alchemist

It’s Games Night at the dVerse Poets Pub! Tonight, we are  to choose 3 names from the list of computer game names below, and somehow or other wrangle them into a poem.You don’t need to know anything about the game – just let the name inspire you. Minecraft Diablo Blossom Blast Space Invaders Assassin’s Creed […]
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Your Space

It’s Quatrain Monday at the dVerse Poets Pub! The writing prompt is “Kiss.” What would it be like, I wonder, to count the gold flecks in your hazel eyes and smell the fabric softener of your shirt, to be in your space. Utter perfection! if we (just for a moment) were close enough to kiss […]
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2nd Grade & Why I’m Not Catholic

It’s open link night at dVerse! The piece below recounts the actual events of a day at St. James Elementary School in Arlington Heights, IL. 1966, or so.   I flunked a phonics test and Sister Eleanor is scowling like Satan: goose-stepping back and forth, spitting “God Hates You Brats.” She doesn’t know that God likes […]
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