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Aimed Too High

Today’s writing prompt at dVerse Poet’s Pub is for every poem to begin like this: Once upon a _________ (you fill in the blank with any word except “time”) So a poem starting with Once upon a time would NOT fit the prompt! BUT, poems starting like this, for example, do fit the prompt: Once upon a […]
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The Circus!

Today at dVerse, our prompt is “Come to the Circus!” Here it comes again — the circus: where animals cry on the inside.   Performing stupid painful, unnatural tricks wishing they were home.   Whips and prods, people yelling laughing big bright lights— no wonder they snap.      

Worth Changing

Today’s writing prompt over at dVerse  is to write and Alphabet Sestet. For example: Choose a 6 letter sequence in the alphabet, for example A-B-C-D-E-F or perhaps  J-K-L-M-N-O. Those letters, in that sequence, are the first letters of the first words in each corresponding line — as in line 1 starts with a word that begins with […]
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