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It’s Haibun Monday over at the dVerse Poets’ Pub. The theme is transitions. The end of a love even if unrequited, still wrenches the heart. O but you’ve grown — letting yourself let go of the wrong dream    

Out of Reach

It’s Quadrille Monday over at the dVerse Poet’s Pub and the writing prompt is the word harbor. Harbor lights in the moonlight, walking the shore with a rainbow just out of reach, Champagne for no other reason than celebrating each other, the way your blue-velvet eyes seemed to glitter when you smiled— these are the […]
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The London Pickpocket

Today’s prompt at dVerse Poets is to write a Quadrille using the word “quick.” I wasn’t even trying, wasn’t even thinking about it. So far out of the wild blue I almost didn’t recognize It. Serendipitous, yet quick and sly — like a London pickpocket. That sweet kind of suddenness is the best part of […]
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