Candle Mustard

Candle Mustard

The mail carrier had come early that day, and Melissa rushed out to see what he'd brought. There was a shiny looking envelope hand-lettered in magenta Candle Mustard — their signature font. "Oh, God," she mumbled. "Not another damn Sublimity Party." Sure enough, it was. And for that coming Saturday, no less. "Crap! I'm so [...]


This week's word prompts for the Shapeshifting 13 writing challenge are Strand and Field. Exactly 52 words. Strand: n. 1a : fibers or filaments twisted, plaited, or laid parallel to form a unit for further twisting or plaiting into yarn, thread, rope, or cordage b : one of the wires twisted together or laid parallel to [...]

Richards in Ice

I learned something interesting today while doing research for a writing gig. 1) In Reykjavik, Iceland there is a Phallological Museum that proudly exhibits over two hundred eighty penises and penile parts that once belonged to Icelandic mammals. And get this: "It should be noted that the museum has also been fortunate enough to receive  [...]