On the Rocks

Today at the dVerse Poets pub it's Sestina time! This complex form contains six stanzas, each with six lines and concludes with a three line envoi. The pattern of the form is as follows: 1. A,B,C,D,E,F 2. F,A,E,B,D,C 3. C,F,D,A,B,E 4. E,C,B,F,A,D 5. D,E,A,C,F,B 6. B,D,F, E,C,A 7. BE, DC, FA (The envoi of three [...]


This week's prompt is Heiress *** It was the same deal every morning Liza opened the FuBar Lounge: a whiff of stale beer and the sticky-sweet aroma of bourbon hanging limbo-like in the air took her back thirty-some years. Dad: Lay sprawled between our new, and already-stained pillow furniture and the baby-poop-colored shag carpeting. Mom: spilled face down on the waterbed—riding [...]