Writing: I’m all about it.

Greetings! My name is Susan Shuman of SusanWritesPrecise fame. I am a professional Freelance Writer who specializes in SEO content writing, product description, article and travel writing, ghost writing, proofreading, and copy editing.

My comprehensive writing skills and boundless determination to pinpoint and implement precisely the right word not only pays my bills, but can increase your CTR, ROI, and put your kids through college. Let me help you attract more of the right kind of traffic to your website, create the ultimate press release; as well as killer ad copy and product descriptions that could sell dazzle to a kaleidoscope.

The aforementioned writing and editing services are of great benefit to businesses and corporations of all sizes, unpublished and published authors, start-ups, entrepreneurs, e-commerce website owners, attorneys, retail store managers and people who have neither the desire nor the time to write, edit, and proofread their work, themselves.

Freelance Writer [Articles, Blogs, e-Books, Press Releases, White Papers, Research, Copywriter, Ghostwriter]

★ Writing Descriptive Web Content
★ Creative and Academic Writing
★ Marketing and Pitch Letters
★ Freelance content writer
★ Proofreading / Editing
★ Website Copywriter
★ Editor/Proofreader
★ Marketing Writer
★ SEO Copywriter
★ Content writing
★ Article Writing
★ Travel Writing
★ Content writer
★ Content Writer
★ Ad Copy Writer

Tell it like it is

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