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Erik robinson
Versatile ✎ Graphic Designer ✐ in Multimedia – Video Production / Editing and Motion Graphics ◎

I’ve seen a good amount of the workmanship, that Susan has produced over the past year, and I have just recently had the opportunity to work with Susan on a project. She is an extremely talented professional, who is personable and flexible; she has an eagerness toward quality, which clearly shows in her accomplishments. If you were to employee Susan’s services, especially in areas such as website content, business description or company image, you will definitely benefit the rewards for years to come.  

March 25, 2013, Erik was with another company when working with Susan at SusanWritesPrecise, LLC

Gilbert Prieur

owner/founder Facial Psychology

Susan is a true professional. She knows what she talks about. She is ready to help and gives very good advices. Her writing is accurate and reach the goals.

I do recommand Susan as a true professional in her fields… all of them.


January 21, 2013, Gilbert Prieur was with another company when working with Susan at SusanWritesPrecise, LLC


Dror Arbel
Joint Owner at Ecommmax

I am working with Susan on couple of projects and i enjoy it very much
She give great writing at great time schedule.And the most imoprtant thing for me is the fact that she enjoy writing

March 30, 2012, Dror was Susan’s client


Elad Hogen
Founder of and Online Reputation Management Tools and Services

I have hired Susan many times to writing articles and product descriptions for my online store. She always takes my concepts and builds on them brilliantly. She has a depth of knowledge about many things and is very creative. Susan is a real pro. Hire her!

December, 2011–August, 2015, Elad was Susan’s client


Lavie Margolin
Corporate Partnership Officer at City College of New York

I had a wonderful experience working with Susan as my editor on my latest book project. She provided top notch work, always had great ideas and kept me informed and up to date on the editing process. I highly recommend her work.

June 19, 2013, Lavie was Susan’s client


Moira Amado-McCoy

Director at All In(novation), by Kairos Creative Solutions

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Susan in one capacity or another for the past 10 years. In that time, I’ve experienced her dedication as a life-long learner, her natural talent as a writer, her diligence as a professional, and her good will as a friend and colleague.

This description begins to paint a full picture, but it won’t be quite fair unless I point something out that might not be obvious to some: “natural talent” as a writer only goes so far. Writing is not just a skill and, at some levels, a talent. Writing is hard work. I’ve witnessed as Susan at “Susan Writes Precise” works industriously, diligently, purposefully, and with enthusiasm and complete dedication to every single writing task she takes on. Susan is a creative, proficient, careful, and intelligent writer. Spunky and fearsome, she will provide copy to exceed your expectations and deliver her work on time and with style. In any and every job she takes on, Susan is serious about keeping your success at the forefront of her thinking and her writing.

Not only that, when you’ve got Susan Writes Precise on your team, you experience the pleasure of collaborating with a professional with an intelligent wit and good nature that simply doesn’t come along every day. Translated? — That makes your life and work not only more productive and effective, but more fun.

Sonia Furini

Training Development Specialist at Amplifon

I have seen Susan’s work firsthand! She’s fast, reliable and incredibly accurate!

Susan is an excellent content writer and ghostwriter! If you have a job that needs to be top-notch, she’s the writer for you!

June 14, 2012, Sonia worked directly with Susan at Kairos Communication Architects

Don Hoffman, CISM, CTPRP

I first met Susan on LinkedIn and have greatly enjoyed our relationship from day one. Susan is currently working with me on my second book of the Maxwell Lydic Series and is doing a fabulous job. Her proof-reading and editing skills are top-notch and she is very creative in making the characters come to life. I am very pleased with what Susan has accomplished so far in the manuscript and I so look forward to her acceptance of editing my final book of the series. Susan is very competent and has been right on target with her recommendations and ideas to enhance the story exactly how I would want it to read. I would highly recommend Susan’s work to anyone who is looking for someone to help your writing career move to the next level. Thank you so much Susan.