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Family Secret

It’s First Line Friday at The Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie blog! Florence paused at the door, “what the hell did you just say?” “I said,” Frankie grabbed the remote and turned down the volume on the TV. “That I joined the Zombie Apocalypse Response Team.” “I cannot believe my ears.” Florence closed the door and plopped down […]
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Heart of Hearts

A kamikaze Pilot on a doomed mission: Unrequited love. Her heart can’t not try. It knows only what it desires.    

#7 of 30-Day Song Challenge

Some driving music….  

#6 of 3-Day Song Challenge

Day #6 is a song that makes me want to dance. Hmmmm…  

#5 of 30-Day Song Challenge

  So, today we want something that must be played loud!    

Across the Table

The way you gazed at me in sheer wonderment (as if I were Aphrodite!), the raw desire in your eyes…so urgent, so alluring sad-sexy smile, impassioned sigh…   If only you’d given them voice!    

(Un)welcome Home

The warmth of your hand   holding mine felt like coming home. For those few   seconds I was exactly where I wanted to be — but knew I couldn’t stay.