Humannequin & Other Writings

Susan Marie Shuman/SusanWritesPrecise


Susan Marie’s muse is at it again!

In Humannequin & Other Writings, she takes us for a spin on the not-quite-so-shady side of the street with her unforgettable and riveting short stories and poems. For instance: Ever wondered about a cat’s perception of life on this plane and in the afterlife? Check out the insightful answers in “The Woods of Io.” And then there is “12:01,” in which Carmen Chenevert relives a romantic evening that ends up morphing into a night of trauma. This one will stick to your ribs like undercooked dumplings! Other favorites such as “Homeboy’s Sneakers,” “Humannequin,” “The Visitors,” and “Returning,” will leave you scratching your head and/or wanting more! Oh, and wait ’til you see what those Wild-Ass Limbourg brothers are up to these days! Without giving away too much, among other things it involves a golem, a new relationship, and a blow torch. Yikes! In addition to the usual heart-stopping poetry, gripping short stories, and the ever-so-wild Wild-Ass Series, Ms. Shuman also includes “Belles Lettres to My Damn-Self”: a sensitive yet raw and gutsy memoir encompassing pre-birth to her late 20s. Any way you slice it, Susan Marie Shuman doesn’t disappoint. There is something for everyone in Humannequin & Other Writings!