Close to You

Today's prompt at The Daily Post is Second Thoughts. ** This happened today. I was sitting at the counter because there were no tables available. It's not my favorite thing, sitting with my back to the world, but the restaurant was packed. Luckily, it appeared to be a relatively harmless crowd—office workers on their lunch break, retirees, and such. However, [...]

Thunder Thieves

Thunder Thieves

Today's prompt at The Daily Post is the word irksome. ** Irksome. Now there's a word for you. One of the things I find irksome is when people have to make it about themselves. You know the kind; the ones that have done, seen, or experienced everything that you have, only bigger, better, faster, shinier, or [...]

The Dunker

Today's prompt at The Daily Post is the word relish. ** My Aunt Franny (of blessed memory) was the matriarch mascot favorite of our family on my mom's side. Her house was headquarters. Family reunions, holiday & birthday parties, pretty much anything that happened, happened at her house. She and my uncle lived in a suburb of Chicago in a cute ranch-style [...]