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The Cute Cop

“Sherri!” “Mom?” Sherri sighed. She knew what was coming, and turned the TV down. “When are you going to clean up your room? It’s a pig sty; I don’t know how you find anything in that mess.” “What’s wrong with it?” Sherri joked. “Oh, for Cripes sake Sherri. You’re impossible!” Sherri knew her mother was […]
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A Cherita: Shy Valentine

  If you insist… I suppose one kiss would be okay on second thought another kiss would be very okay.       The Daily Post


There were bows and flaming arrows; whooping, and wailing. Then, someone yelled, “Circle the wagons!” So, I grabbed a stick and drew a circle in the dirt ‘round ‘ol Bessie. (Rather silly of me, looking back). Alas! The cause of our demise was merely a question of semantics.   The Daily Post

The End.

    This is my balloon. His name is Charlie. He’s my best friend. Sometimes Charlie talks to me. Like just now, he said to keep walking when we get to the end. I can’t swim, but that’s okay. Charlie knows what he’s doing.   The Daily Post

In My Room

The Daily Post The air is hot, dense, and toxic, I feel my lungs boiling then shriveling. The lace curtains my grandmother made sparkle and flash like fireflies, then disintegrate. A smoldering pillowcase Scorches the bedspread as the flames take over, buckling the door and wrinkling the walls. Everything is screaming.