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This Tree

Today at Crimson’s Creative Challenge, the writing prompt is the image below.   See? There it is. The very same tree in which you carved our initials all those years ago. You can still see them if you know where to look, which of course I do. At the time, I thought it was a […]
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  Your words ignite a passion deep within my soul, except when you forget to brush your teeth.  

Cryin’ Time

The Tuesday Writing Prompt at Go Dog Go Café: Describe what brings you to tears in ten words. What I meant was, I love you like a sister.

Elysian Fields

Today at the Haunted Wordsmith’s 3TC the three words are unicorn, fairy, and devil. The unicorn wandered alone in the Elysian Fields where he lived. Without a doubt, the fields were beyond exquisite; no other place on the planet came close to its rare and dazzling beauty: 3-D rainbows, turquoise-blue skies, ice-silver lakes and streams, […]
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A Cherita: Runners-Up

The writing prompt today over at FOWC with Fandango is the word number. How would it feel? I wonder. To be your number one just once, rather than your second choice; a back-up when the one you really want is with her own number one.