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#6 of 3-Day Song Challenge

Day #6 is a song that makes me want to dance. Hmmmm…  

30-Day Song Challenge

I missed the first three days, so, I’m going to play catch-up! I found this on The Haunted Wordsmith Blog.   A Song with a color I like:   A song with a number in it:   This one reminds me of Summertime! This one reminds me of a complete jerk that I was once […]
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It’s WATW (Worth a Thousand Words) at The Haunted Wordsmith. The writing prompt is the image below. decorated with autumn leaves, benches wait for familiar butts.      

Elysian Fields

Today at the Haunted Wordsmith’s 3TC the three words are unicorn, fairy, and devil. The unicorn wandered alone in the Elysian Fields where he lived. Without a doubt, the fields were beyond exquisite; no other place on the planet came close to its rare and dazzling beauty: 3-D rainbows, turquoise-blue skies, ice-silver lakes and streams, […]
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Questions & Answers

Fandango, over at posted 25 short questions that I thought were fun, so I decided to spend a few minutes taking them on. Are you ready? Who are you named after? My mom named me after Susan Hayward Do you like your handwriting? No. My penmanship sucks. What’s your favorite lunchmeat I don’t like […]
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Faerie Forest

Today is Tale Weaver at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie.  Our task is to describe a Fairy Land. The fog in the forest was sad shade of opaque gray. It seemed to try to lift, but its own density was too much. The thick fog made it difficult to breathe, as if a damp towel had been flung […]
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Shamans Call

Today at MindLovesMisery’s Menagerie, we have Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille. The prompt is the image below by Alexander Nickolsky/Siberian Times. Shamans call upon Siberian Ancestors — Bang the drums harder.   Shapeshifting into reindeer brings swiftness, insights. Shamans play with fire.