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The Alphabet Challenge

Since everybody else is trying this, I’m going to take a shot at it too.  Just pick a word that comes to mind and talk about it. It doesn’t have to be a particular theme, just whatever you want to do. A is for the ageing process which is treating me unkind. B is for the […]
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#6 of 3-Day Song Challenge

Day #6 is a song that makes me want to dance. Hmmmm…  

30-Day Song Challenge

I missed the first three days, so, I’m going to play catch-up! I found this on The Haunted Wordsmith Blog.   A Song with a color I like:   A song with a number in it:   This one reminds me of Summertime! This one reminds me of a complete jerk that I was once […]
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It’s WATW (Worth a Thousand Words) at The Haunted Wordsmith. The writing prompt is the image below. decorated with autumn leaves, benches wait for familiar butts.      

Elysian Fields

Today at the Haunted Wordsmith’s 3TC the three words are unicorn, fairy, and devil. The unicorn wandered alone in the Elysian Fields where he lived. Without a doubt, the fields were beyond exquisite; no other place on the planet came close to its rare and dazzling beauty: 3-D rainbows, turquoise-blue skies, ice-silver lakes and streams, […]
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