Wild-Ass Detectives

 We join the Lindbourg family in Florence, Italy on the second leg of their family vacation. Here, at the Uffizi Museum of Art, François and Sebastian try their inept hands at art interpretation. "Dude!" Sebastian whispered and pointed to La Primavera. "Lookit!" François' gaze followed his brother's outstretched finger. "Whoa! All the girls look pregnant. [...]

Wild-Ass Vacation

"Dude!" Sebastian elbowed his brother. "Can you believe we're on our way to Ireland?" "I can't get my seatbelt fastened!" François fumbled with the clasps. "Here, hold Pendragon." Sebastian gently hoisted the mini-man from François' lap. "There's the little-bitty monkey-guy...goo-goo!" "Don't call him that! It hurts his feelings." "I'm just joking, Dude. Monkey...homunculus...get it?" "Duh?" François rolled [...]

Wild-Ass Alchemy

"Whoa! Dude!" François slammed their bedroom door and dropped his book bag. "How'd you do that?" "Alchemy," Sebastian gulped. "Damn..." “I fused Einsteinium, Fluorine, Cobalt…& whatever. Then, Phydeaux ate it and now he’s a…” “Wow. No way!” “Mom’s gonna kill me.” “Naaah! We’ll we teach him to use the litter box again." “Whaddaya mean, again?” “Dude! [...]

Day 41

Day 41

This week's prompt at the Grammar Ghoul Press Shapeshifting 13 writing challenge is the word recipe. Exactly 52 words. ** The holidays are upon us.  If you're like me, you're thinking homunculi. Don’t have one? No sweat. Be your own Homunculus Hero! Here's how: 4 chicken bones 1 dollop  spermatozoa 7oz skin fragments 4oz donkey [...]