When Twilight Slips

Today's Three Things Challenge at The Haunted Wordsmith blog are the words twilight, magical and automaton.   When twilight fell on the village of New Britsky, the sky took on a magical glow. It was more than just a sunset. Some describe it as a small-scale aurora borealis. An array of greens, pinks, and golds illuminated [...]

Gettin’ Romantic

It's the Three Things Challenge over at the Haunted Wordsmith blog. Today's three words are sweat, sweet, and tin. It's also Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SoCS at which the prompt is tin. The Callaghan family lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains in West Virginia. Five of them somehow managed in a two room 'estate', as [...]

Midnight Fuchsia

Today's visual prompt at The Haunted Wordsmith is the image below. So this is where it all happens… Sheila stood in the middle of the bedroom her lover shared with his wife, and slowly took it all in. Clearly they still slept together; one look at the un-made bed with indentations of two bodies told [...]