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Like I Do

I almost called you today when a song came on the radio that reminded me of the “us” in my mind’s eye; the us that lives exclusively and forever in my heart then I remembered (how could I forget?) you don’t care like I do and that you don’t think of me “that way” and […]
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The Woods of Io

I was a homeless, pregnant calico cat living in an upscale residential neighborhood in Mobile, Alabama. I’d had humans at one time, but they moved away and left me behind. After new people moved into our house, I realized my people weren’t coming back. I wondered for a long time what I’d done to make […]
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Page 111

The other day I was looking for something to read—something to hold in my hands rather than read from a screen. I wanted to touch the pages and feel the words on paper. I wanted an old-fashioned book. Do you ever miss the feel of holding a writer’s creativity in your very hands, knowing as a writer the […]
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Home Free!

  So far from home and everything familiar. this is the freedom   I thought I wanted. who knew being on my own means real adulting?        

The Art of Unmindfulness

I lose things. Often. Later, find them in the oddest and most illogical of places. For example, just this morning there was my bra, in all its padded glory, shoved into my purse. Apparently, I’d put it there last night, but why? I would kill to learn the thought process behind that move. No one […]
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