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Trick Heart

Today at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, the writing prompt is The Dissonant Heart. Sometimes, it comes close   Almost, but not quite. My heart flips and flops   As it tumbles into love pausing in mid-somersault to roll over & play dead.    

Captain January

It’s still my favorite January.   The typical grey, cold nothingness hovered until the magic happened.   You made the sun shine and flowers bloom — like only you could. Albeit fleeting, I’d do it all again. With you.      

(Un)welcome Home

The warmth of your hand   holding mine felt like coming home. For those few   seconds I was exactly where I wanted to be — but knew I couldn’t stay.    

A Secret’s Secret

  I’m one of your most dangerous secrets. A guilty pleasure kept safely under the covers and silent as a lie. Be mindful of certain secrets, my dear. They want their story told.        


The moment he admits he didn’t mean it and has no clue how it slipped out. He does not, in fact, love you and deeply regrets wrenching your heart until it broke.