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Heart of Hearts

A kamikaze Pilot on a doomed mission: Unrequited love. Her heart can’t not try. It knows only what it desires.    

Across the Table

The way you gazed at me in sheer wonderment (as if I were Aphrodite!), the raw desire in your eyes…so urgent, so alluring sad-sexy smile, impassioned sigh…   If only you’d given them voice!    

(Un)welcome Home

The warmth of your hand   holding mine felt like coming home. For those few   seconds I was exactly where I wanted to be — but knew I couldn’t stay.    

Good Things

It’s Quadrille Monday over at the dVerse Poets Pub. The writing prompt is the word, cheer. “Cheer up!” They tell me. “Be grateful for the good things in life!” They’ll never understand. Without you, things are just things: diamonds are no different than plastic; filet mignon may as well be salami. But you! You’re what […]
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Shelve It

You’re the last chapter In my tattered Book of Love. It’s time to shelve it.   dog-eared pages torn clichés fade to sepia like yesterday’s dreams   and you flicked what’s left of my broken heart off my sleeve into the dirt.   Thought I’d saved the best for last; you proved me wrong for […]
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It’s Open Link Night at the dVerse Poets Pub! Look at me and smile that smile; make my heart beat like velvet jackhammers again and whisper my name like it is holy.   Feed the obsession.    

Someone Else

The writing prompt at the dVerse Poets Club is Fire. You started a fire like never before, and now you can’t put it out. Don’t start something that someone else has to finish.