The Bond

The Bond

I was thrilled—no, ecstatic—when I learned I was pregnant with you. Each day I fell in love with you a little more as this tiny life grew and stirred inside me. I couldn’t wait for you to be born so I could finally meet you!  Yet, I feared losing the special bond that only you and [...]

Kings & Queens

The Daily Post King Farid of Transmorovia seemingly had it all, but au contraire!  Even a Porsche 918 Spyder and a harem of exquisite women didn't matter. Actually, the car was pretty cool, but the women...Pffft! You see, Farid was expected to produce an heir, but was unable loath to ‘rise to the occasion.’ “Dang it!” he [...]

Address Unknown

The word prompt is "place." *** Every year or so, Perdida packed up and moved. Sometimes her search took her across country, other times, a few miles away. Some cities came close to what she was looking for--almost, but not quite. Always, something was missing. It seemed, at times, that such a place did not exist—not for [...]


This week's prompt is Heiress *** It was the same deal every morning Liza opened the FuBar Lounge: a whiff of stale beer and the sticky-sweet aroma of bourbon hanging limbo-like in the air took her back thirty-some years. Dad: Lay sprawled between our new, and already-stained pillow furniture and the baby-poop-colored shag carpeting. Mom: spilled face down on the waterbed—riding [...]