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The Bond

I was thrilled—no, ecstatic—when I learned I was pregnant with you. Each day I fell in love with you a little more as this tiny life grew and stirred inside me. I couldn’t wait for you to be born so I could finally meet you!  Yet, I feared losing the special bond that only you and […]
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The Crimewave

The weekend writing prompt is “headline.” Exactly 55 words. The headline of The East Podunk Enquirer read, “Crash Test Dummy Found in Stolen Cadillac.” The residents of the tiny hamlet were uneasy: it was the fifth incident this month. “It’s a dadgum crimewave is what it is.” “Well, heck yeah! I knew that’d happen if […]
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Kings & Queens

The Daily Post King Farid of Transmorovia seemingly had it all, but au contraire!  Even a Porsche 918 Spyder and a harem of exquisite women didn’t matter. Actually, the car was pretty cool, but the women…Pffft! You see, Farid was expected to produce an heir, but was unable loath to ‘rise to the occasion.’ “Dang it!” he […]
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Broken Crowns

  This week’s writing prompt for the Shapeshifting 13 Challenge is the word pour. Exactly 26 words.   Henry had been wrestling with this demon for years. Today, he’d found the strength to dump the last bottle of Crown. After just one more sip.        


This time when he proposed, the answer was, “No.” No wedding, house in the suburbs, no little girl with dark, curly hair. And so, my homeless soul hovered elsewhere and embodied somebody else.