There were bows and flaming arrows; whooping, and wailing. Then, someone yelled, “Circle the wagons!” So, I grabbed a stick and drew a circle in the dirt ‘round ‘ol Bessie. (Rather silly of me, looking back). Alas! The cause of our demise was merely a question of semantics.   The Daily Post

In My Room

The Daily Post The air is hot, dense, and toxic, I feel my lungs boiling then shriveling. The lace curtains my grandmother made sparkle and flash like fireflies, then disintegrate. A smoldering pillowcase Scorches the bedspread as the flames take over, buckling the door and wrinkling the walls. Everything is screaming.  

Feeling Sapphire

Birthday candles were the inspiration; adolescent psychosis provided the motivation. “It’s so pretty, Mister,” Freddy explained to the fire fighter after torching the neighbor’s doghouse. (He’d made sure Duke was at the groomer’s, first). “I like the fire,” he continued. “The blue is like Mommy’s [saffer] ring. And the orange is for Halloween and pumpkins.” That was […]

At the Garage

The Daily Post “I’m gonna miss ol’ Gus.” “Yep-eroo,” Joey sighed. “Ain’t nobody can bust a tire faster’n him…” “Uh-huh. Change his mind slicker’n snot, too!” “You betcha. Reckon that’s why folks called ’m Quicksilver.” “Hee-hee! First he’s buyin’ the garage; next he’s lookin’ at new houses, then he’s off to Tahiti with th’ cashier.” “He’ll be back.” Gus’s wife […]


The Daily Post   If only you had been able to tell where the invisible line in the powder had been drawn, Maybe you wouldn’t have crossed it. Maybe you would have stopped in time, but I doubt it. You never knew when it was time. You could have had it all— Me, the very, […]

Dadgum Earl

This week’s writing prompt for the Shapeshifting 13 Challenge is the image below, taken by our very own Tony Lovell. Exactly 26 words “Dadgum, Earl. Watchin’ grass grow’s funner’n this. “Looky—anothern’s crossin! Yee-haw!” “Can we go cow-tippin’ now?” “Bambi-Jo! Ain’t but our first date.” “It’s our last, too.”