The Bond

The Bond

I was thrilled—no, ecstatic—when I learned I was pregnant with you. Each day I fell in love with you a little more as this tiny life grew and stirred inside me. I couldn’t wait for you to be born so I could finally meet you!  Yet, I feared losing the special bond that only you and [...]


  The prompt for this piece of flash fiction is "Object." Forty-one words. Marlys was all about the bling. The shinier and flashier the object, the better. Engagement rings were her favorite and she had quite a collection. The trouble was what to do with the all those ex-fiancées piling up  in her cellar.  

The Paper Boy

  Martin knew it wasn’t normal. He’d neither seen nor heard of anyone else doing it, yet, he couldn’t help himself. The sexy skid-thump of the Huff Post hitting the driveway had him salivating. Martin especially savored the Classifieds: Ink-stained teeth, be damned!