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(Un)welcome Home

The warmth of your hand   holding mine felt like coming home. For those few   seconds I was exactly where I wanted to be — but knew I couldn’t stay.    

Good Things

It’s Quadrille Monday over at the dVerse Poets Pub. The writing prompt is the word, cheer. “Cheer up!” They tell me. “Be grateful for the good things in life!” They’ll never understand. Without you, things are just things: diamonds are no different than plastic; filet mignon may as well be salami. But you! You’re what […]
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Barbaric Elegance

Same Same But Different at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie! Your ‘Same Same But Different’ task is to take the five challenge words and NOT use them in your writing. That’s right, you need to dig out your thesaurus and find a synonym for each word instead. Your words this week are: water fabric polish switch floor Agatha-June’s […]
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Shelve It

You’re the last chapter In my tattered Book of Love. It’s time to shelve it.   dog-eared pages torn clichés fade to sepia like yesterday’s dreams   and you flicked what’s left of my broken heart off my sleeve into the dirt.   Thought I’d saved the best for last; you proved me wrong for […]
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Midnight Fuchsia

Today’s visual prompt at The Haunted Wordsmith is the image below. So this is where it all happens… Sheila stood in the middle of the bedroom her lover shared with his wife, and slowly took it all in. Clearly they still slept together; one look at the un-made bed with indentations of two bodies told […]
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The One

The visual prompt over at The Haunted Wordsmith for 11/27/2018 is the image below. Hilda was fraught with excitement and anticipation. She was on her way to pick up her boyfriend from the Tacoma State Correctional Facility. They’d known one another for a little over two years, but not outside of a prison setting. Hilda […]
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A Secret’s Secret

  I’m one of your most dangerous secrets. A guilty pleasure kept safely under the covers and silent as a lie. Be mindful of certain secrets, my dear. They want their story told.