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The Welcome Wagon

The bus lumbered along the road. At every hour or so, the driver smashed the pedal to the floor, screeching the brakes. The doors slammed open, and passengers swarmed the vehicle like fleas to a bloodhound in June.  Before everyone sat down, the doors crashed together and the bus resumed its journey with a lurch, […]
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Backward Glance

O, the times I’d tried to give you my heart, only to watch you furrow your brow smooth your mustache, and then turn on your heel and walk briskly back to your life — without so much as a backward glance.    

Locket Nest

It’s Photo Challenge #247 at the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie blog. The writing prompt is the image below. Hi. My name’s Bethany. Betcha can’t guess what I did today. It’s a secret so if I tell you, you gotta double-dog swear you won’t tell on me. Here’s what happened: After lunch Mommy said my little brother Harry […]
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Chillin’ with Proust

It’s #AnythingGoes Linky Week over at the My Random Musings blog. Go check ’em out!  ⇔⇔ “A  big ‘hello’ to all you folks out there in Radioland. Boy, oh boy, do we have a show for you! Ladies and gentlemen, today—for the first time in radio history—we’re bringing you a live, tell-all interview with your […]
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Bad Juju

It’s the Sunday Writing Prompt 5 x 5 at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie! The writing prompts are orrery, helix, ash grey, burning sage, and tissue. The first thing Annika did was unpack her smudge stick and light it up. As she walked slowly from room to room, she inhaled the pleasant aroma of burning sage. Every so […]
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