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Carpe Diem Haiku Kai: And now it is up to you to create the 2nd stanza (2-lines), the 3rd stanza (3-lines) and the 4th stanza (2lines) inspired / associated on the given haiku. the sound of the surf enters my home through the open window and a butterfly   © Chèvrefeuille (2018)   glides in, as if […]
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Warm Honey

Today at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, the writing prompt is sensation. It’s a slow warm honey tingle spiraling up then down like lava lamp bubbles, an aching quiver— gently surging swelling and then you touch me…

Sun Flowers

The theme for our last weekend-meditation at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai was Sunflower and Ken has created a wonderful haiku to work with and create a Tan Renga with. You have to add the second stanza (2-lines approx. 14 syllables) through association on the scenes in the haiku. Here is that beauty by Ken:   […]
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Easy Fix

Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge; the prompt is sea mist. After the dark and stormy night, sea mist came rolling in the following morning. No one was surprised to see the mist itself, but what did surprise them was its color. Periwinkle sea mist. “Now, what on earth do you reckon made it turn that color?” […]
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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Originally posted on Na'ama Yehuda:
May we never forget. May the holocausts of others be ended. May hate find no place. May humanity take precedence. ? ?