Address Unknown

The word prompt is "place." *** Every year or so, Perdida packed up and moved. Sometimes her search took her across country, other times, a few miles away. Some cities came close to what she was looking for--almost, but not quite. Always, something was missing. It seemed, at times, that such a place did not exist—not for [...]

Non Sense

Check out The One-Minute Writer! Have I Got a Deal for YOU! You watch countless people do it every day. They make it look so easy! Even children do it with positive results: Ever wished that you, too, had the ability to cross the street without being hit by a car, bus, or dump truck? (Lose the helmet. Your [...]

The Visitors

This week's prompts at Grammar Ghoul Press are the word "pterodactyl" and the sculpture below: ‘Torso in Metal from The Rock Drill’ by Sir Jacob Epstein. ¢¢  Man, I hate Saturdays: the worst day of the week. Why, you ask? It's the visitors. You people don't know what it's like; sitting her immobilized while idiots stroll by making stupid comments, laughing. Hah! If they [...]