Today is Wordle Day at the MindLoveMisery Menagerie Blog. Our task is to use at least ten words from the list below to create a story or poem Calescent ((adj.) growing warm; increasing in heat) Sheets Paroxysm ((n.) any sudden, violent outburst; a fit of violent action or emotion: a severe attack or a sudden […]

Out Loud

Star-crossed lovers in perpetual orbit; the Moon circling the Earth circling the Sun— a Sun that doesn’t seem to shine on us. Still, your heart beats the rhythm of mine as my soul is the other half of yours despite the spouses our spouses and children— yours, mine and not ours… Not yet.   One […]


Where were you last night when it all went haywire?   When our daughter had “big math” homework and you know I’m number-dumb?   When your son’s buck teeth and stuttering became bully-magnets? When he came home black-eye angry in a tear-torn shirt? Where were you last night when dinner had been ready for two […]

Chasya & Samar

On her knees and white-knuckling the porcelain bowl, Samar awaited the next surge of morning sickness to spew forth. In the kitchen, Abdul was shrieking at one of his buddies on the prepaid cell phone she’d purchased for him at Wal-Mart yesterday. “Pray God my baby isn’t a boy,” she implored and wretched the remainder […]