It’s the sunshine

that makes me sad.

So bright

a relentless interrogator

exposing my secrets

my pain

leaving me nowhere

to hide my


But the rain!

The rain envelopes me

in her fresh

silvery droplets.

Asking no questions

She comforts me

with a misty hug

and lets me be

whoever I am.

Or not.

24 thoughts

  1. We don’t get enough of it around here for it to be a “relentless interrogator” but I can see where it could be like that in places. I really like how you contrasted sunshine and rain here.

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  2. It’s funny how we are conditioned by our environment. To answer this at face value, I’ve never opened the curtains at home and thought “oh no,more sunshine!”. However, this poem isn’t just about rain, is it? It’s about exposure and nurturing, it’s about danger and safety. The contrasts are nicely drawn, Thank you for sharing.

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  3. I agree with Sarah’s comment about being conditioned by our environment, and your poem not being just about rain. I can understand sunshine making one sad by exposing secrets and pain, and also find it easier to hide behind and in rain, in the comfort of silvery droplets. I love the misty hug!


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