It’s Fandango’s Flashback Friday. This piece was written a year ago for Fandango’s One Word Challenge for which the word prompt was Cynical.

Dinah liked to think of herself as a realist, immune to faerie tales, knights in shining armor, and dreams that can’t come true. That’s bullshit kid stuff, she told herself, and Dinah was no kid. She was tough, capable, independent, and yes, jaded.

Yet, deep down inside, there was a tiny part of her that wished her dreams really could come true, that there really was someone out there for her who would whisk her away to a life filled with magic and love.

Pffft! The chances of that happening were about the same as the tooth faerie getting stuck in my chimney.

Dinah had tried to find love numerous times; countless dates, fix-ups, hook-ups, even online dating. It had all been a waste of time. All she got out of it was a broken heart and enough humiliation to last a lifetime. It turned out that there was not someone for everybody, and Dinah was okay with that. She had her career and her four cats to keep her warm.

Then, her friend Julie called to tell her that she’d found the perfect guy, and Dinah just had to meet him.

Again?” Dinah replied. “This is about the eighth perfect guy you’ve found for me.”

“I know, I know,” Julie said dismissively. “But this guy is special. He’s really different. You’ll see.”


“Uh, well, yeah…” Julie stumbled over her words. “I sort of said you’d meet him at Sir Galahad’s tomorrow at 7:00 for drinks.”

Dinah felt her blood pressure rise. “You just assumed I had no plans? I have a life, Julie. A real life!”

“With your job and your cats? Yeah, I know.”

She might as well have stabbed Dinah in the heart with a butter knife. “You’re funny. Ever thought of doing stand-up?”

“So you’ll go then? Sir Galahad’s at 7:00.”

“I heard you the first time. Yes, I’ll be there.” Dinah lied, and hung up the phone.

The phone rang again, and Dinah picked up. “Now what, Julie?”

“His name is Ari.”

“Great,” Dinah said. “I’ll make a note of it.”

“Well, have fun tomorrow night and…you’ll let me know how it goes?” Julie said hopefully.

“Oh, I will.”

That next evening…

Dinah curled up her sofa up with a glass of red wine, a blanket, a book, and two of her cats. She turned her phone off, so no one would bother her.

A couple of times her date with Ari crossed her mind, but these thoughts were fleeting. She’d been through it enough to know how it would turn out. Dinah turned the page.

Meanwhile at Sir Galahad’s, Ari waited until 8:00 for Dinah to arrive. He wasn’t too surprised that she was a no-show. That’s the way his luck went, plus a “wonderful woman” like Dinah probably had a million more interesting things to do. He’d caught the eyes of several women but didn’t make a move in hopes that Dinah might still show up.

Finally, he paid his tab and left, driving away in a 1965 silver Mustang.

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