It’s Fibbing Friday again and our host is PCGuyIV of Thoughts & Theories fame. This week, rather than specific questions to answer, I have a bunch of medical and anatomical words that need definitions. Obviously, those need to be definitions that you won’t find in any dictionary or textbook. Have fun!


a portion of the anatomy that puckers in response to fear.


Kind of like fallen angels but refers to fallen arches (Like when a McDonald’s goes out of business).


this occurs when any portion of one’s anatomy becomes broken or fails to work. Example: “Parts of your brain are not working because you rectum.”


Very close, but not close enough. Example: Varicos only counts in horseshoes.


Slang for something one should do: Ah orta do that…


An old Carly Simon song: You’re so Vein


It’s similar to archery but instead of shooting arrows,, one arms their bow with pieces of art–the more expensive, the better!


Al Veolus: That guy from the old neighborhood who became a plumber.


The back of the cafeteria


When YouTube videos go viral it is because they’ve contracted a virus.

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