This week at Friday Fictioneers, Rochelle has chosen the above image by Na’ama Yehuda as our visual prompt. 100 words.

“Mommy, who’s that big lady over there?” The little girl pointed a chubby finger across the water.

“That’s the Statue of Liberty, Rachel,” her mother explained. “She represents the freedom and safety to be who we are.”

“No more hiding from the bad men?”

“That’s right, honey. No more hiding.” Mother’s smile was one of relief. “We’re almost home…America.”

“But what about Daddy, Zayde and Bubbe?” Rachel asked. “Will they be safe, too?”

“I pray they will be.” Mother’s eyes filled with tears and she bent to hug her daughter close. “I pray to G-d they got out in time.”

24 thoughts

  1. I hear the depth in this one…. too many times to count, have I heard similar words from those who were able to escape from where they were… they were relieved to be out, but feared for loved ones still trapped. Great Story this week. Have a safe one!

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