This week at Friday Fictioneers, Rochelle has chosen the image below by Roger Bultot as our visual prompt. 100 words.

“Hey, Chung?” Ling glanced around. “You hungry?”

Chung shrugged. “A little, maybe.”

“I could go for a burrito. Y’know, like from Chubby’s back ho —”

“Man, what are you talkin’ about?” Chung blustered. “We’re in Seoul, South Korea an’ you want Chubby’s?”

“I know where we are an’ yeah, I want Chubby’s” Ling replied softly.

“You’re outta luck, buddy. Ain’t no Chubby’s ’round here.”

Ling sighed. “Well, what then?”

“Take a deep breath.” Chung inhaled. “Doesn’t the street food smell delish? And it’s everywhere!”

Ling sniffed the air. “Hmmmm. Smells pretty good…like Taco Bell! You think there’s a Taco Bell nearby?”

© Roger Bultot

31 thoughts

  1. Dear Susan,

    Taco Bell? Taco Blech in my book. 😉 Ling needs a culinary education. If I were there, I’d be sniffing out JapChae or Bulgogi…or both. Love your title. It’s perfect. 😀




  2. That’s really funny! Actually, there is a Taco Bell in Seoul. I saw it when we were there two years ago. Once Ling tries the local fare, though, she’ll be hooked. I like the names you used for your characters. =)

    Liked by 1 person

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