It’s time for Friday Fictioneers again, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week’s visual prompt (above) was provided by Ted Strutz.

“Hey, Mom!” Larry elbowed his mom.” “Look —”

“Don’t ever do that while I’m driving, Larry! You wanna cause an accident?”

“Sorry, but look! He pointed at the truck with an oversize load sign, making a left-hand turn. “Isn’t that our house?”

“Oh, so it is.”

“Aren’t you gonna do something?” Aiden was clearly panicked. “That guy’s stealin’ our house!

“That’s your father, dear,” Mom explained.

“Dad’s stealing our house? Did you guys break up again?”

“Oh, for cripe sakes! It’s moving day!”

“Already? We just moved three months ago…”

“Gotta keep ahead of the repo man. You know the drill.”

21 thoughts

  1. Makes me laugh. On the run from the repo man, no time to pack so just take the whole house to keep him from getting it.
    I like the secrecy, don’t even tell the kids in case someone blabs to the report-man.

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