It’s time for Song Lyrics Sunday with the New Epic Writer, Jim Adams of A Unique Title for Me Fame. Today our mission is to choose a song with the words fix or make in the title or lyrics. So, I’ve chosen a song by a genius named Mayf Nutter titled, I Don’t Care. It’s a piece of work, indeed.


Sittin all alone by myself in the easy chair

Watching TV drinkin beer in my underwear

Telephone rings there’s a knock upon the door.

I crawl through the house, finally got my sneakers on

Run to the door everybody there was gone

Didn’t have time to answer the telephone

Just let the dang thing ring.

I don’t care.

I remember back when I was just a little kid

Always wanted to do everything bigger people did

Didn’t like the way everyone seemed huger than me

Sent in the mail to get a muscle-building course

Figured it’d make a little kid stronger than a horse

Built me a Physy-Q everyone was jealous of,

but I grew out of that

I don’t care. Very much. I don’t care.

Save me a quarter for a ticket to the Burly-Q

Walked right in ‘cause I thought I’d see a girl or two

Up on the stage you never seen such carryin on

One of them girls undressed ‘till everything was bare

Jumped off the stage come and run her fingers through my hair

Sat on my lap….said I’s a pretty thing.

Plumb made me mad.

Spilled my popcorn.

Sittin all alone by myself in the easy chair

Watching TV drinkin beer in my underwear

Telephone rings there’s a knock upon the door.

I crawl through the house, finally got my sneakers on

Run to the door everybody there was gone.


So I just put my clothes on and went on over to my own house.

The Story

Mayf has a very impressive portfolio of music and acting credits, from his earliest works as Del Shannon’s guitarist, through his work with the New Christy Minstrels, to his solo musical career…and, of course, an impressive body of acting credits. This promo single (I Don’t Care) was sent to US radio stations in late 1972/early 1973, however, it failed to make the US country charts. The track was also included on Mayf’s later LP, “Goin’ Skinny Dippin”, which was a collection of his recordings for the GNP-Crescendo label.

Born Mayfred Nutter on October 19th 1941 in Jane Lew, West Virginia. He later shortened it to Mayf in 1957 after playing on All-star Babe Ruth baseball team when a Sportswriter kept having difficulty spelling correctly. So the writer just shortened it to Mayf and it stuck Mayf was asked by Buck Owens to be apart of the Emerging Bakersfield Sound, West Coast Country Music. He had a string of TV and movie roles starting in the b&w western, Gunsmoke, as Festus Hagans cousin. Most noted for his portrayal of Bobby Bigelow, leader of the band known on Walton’s Mountain as the Haystack Gang, as well as Parker Winslow who was Valene Ewing’s boyfriend on Knotts Landing.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: James Hammond

  • Rock icon, Frank Zappa formed a new record label, just for Mayf Nutter. He called it Straight Records and the first release, “Everybody’s Talkin’” from the movie Midnight Cowboy, hit the top of radio play lists across the U.S. and in Europe. The musicians were Merle Haggard’s Strangers. The song was cut in a horse barn that Merle had converted into a studio at his Bakersfield home.
  • Soon Capitol Records released more Mayf Nutter Hits including “Never Ending Love“, “Green Door“, “Party Doll and The Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy“.
  • Next Mayf wrote the crowd pleasing songs, “Goin’ Skinny Dippin’” and “Jamboree In The Hills” (the song), and others.
  • Mayf also has the distinction of writing and recording the first environmental impact song. “Simpson Creek Won’t Never Run Clean Again“. Directly influenced by the message in the song, mining companies yielded to public outcry and restored life to every stream in Mayf’s native county in West Virginia. All life forms had been previously killed by pollution. A Mayf Nutter Week Celebration resulted.
  • While flying over miles of the now famous, Alaskan oil slick, on his way to a concert in Anchorage, Mayf witnessed the environmental devastation brought on by the tragic oil spill caused by the tanker ship, Exxon Valdez. That night, as he often does in live performances, he decided to write a song on stage using suggestions from the audience. Moments later “The Ballad Of Valdez” had the audience laughing hysterically. Within a week the song was recorded and being played on all formats of radio from Country to Talk shows. It was featured on ABC TV, CBS TV and was used on network News shows for months. 100% of Artist Royalties went to restore fish and wildlife in Alaska.
  • His LIVE PERFORMANCES range from Las Vegas Headliner to Carnegie Hall. From the Los Angeles Coliseum (65,000 fans) to The Grand Ole Opry. From the WWVA World’s Original Jamboree in Wheeling, West Virginia to the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Center in the Peoples Republic Of China in 1982 (the concert was broadcast “live” on China National TV). Thus, Mayf became, historically, the very First American to ever sing on China National Television.

Mayf now resides in Southern CA with his wife, the former Lindsay Bloom (a former Miss USA and star of “Mike Hammer”, “Dallas”, and movies, singer/dancer/comedy actress on “The Dean Martin Show”). They have three children.

Mayf’s “Secret for Happiness and Success” is: “Find something you would do for nothing, and find someone to pay you for it”. His life’s goal is to “Go about doing Good” as Jesus did. Learn more about Mayf Nutter here.

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