It’s Fibbing Friday again! Time to put your hip boots on and wade through the bs. Di of Pensivity 101 fane is our host today. This week’s questions are below.

What is a black hole?

A black hole is the mysterious place where socks are orphaned, to where ghosted boyfriends and girlfriends disappear, and algebra was invented.

2. Why are we said to be green with envy?

It wouldn’t make sense if we were yellow, red, blue, or orange with envy.
3. Where will you find the yellow brick road?

The Yellow Brick Road is a place where stray dogs gather to pee. Just follow your nose and don’t slip on the wet bricks.

4. What is a red herring?

A herring who was banished from his home waters and now lives in the Red Sea.

5. What is carte blanche?

Carte Blanche is another word for French Anarchy.

6. What are parma violets?

Light purple Italian crayons.

7. Who was Scarlett O’Hara?

She was the wanna-be Southern Belle drama queen who sat next to me in 3rd grade.

8. Why are smurfs blue?

Hemophilia. Too many kissing cousins, too often.
9. What is a black and tan?

It’s an odd concoction that Gerry Adams and his Sinn Féin buddies drink every Easter.

Gerry Adams

10. What is a strawberry blond?

Similar to a strawberry roan, but ditzy.

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