Welcome to the first Fibbing Friday of April! Today, our host is PCGuyIV of the Thoughts & Theories blog. In case you need a refresher or are new here, the idea is to answer the questions below as creatively as possible. Of course, there is one catch: your answers must bend, break, stretch, or outright ignore the truth! It is called Fibbing Friday after all! Once you’ve done that, link back to this post with your answers so that we can all share in your creative fibbing skills. Pingbacks are enabled, or you may just leave a link to your reply in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out how others have responded. Half the fun is seeing what others have come up with!

  1. Why is April Fools Day on April 1st?

If it were on any other day, it wouldn’t be April Fool’s Day.

According to the old adage, exactly what do April showers bring?

April showers bring rainbows and unicorn faerie dust farts.

What is a Haiku?

Many years ago during the Summer of Love in San Francisco, there was this guy named Ku. When his friends saw him, they’d say Hi, Ku! One guy who was partial to Magic Mushrooms, fancied himself a poet and started writing poems about the hrase Hi, Ku! Somehow an ‘A’ was added and it became Haiku.


How did the tradition of hiding eggs on Easter begin?

Pagan chickens started the whole thing. One morning on Old McDonald’s Farm, an alpha chicken named Hulga thought it would be funny to hide the other hens eggs and make them look for them. In order that each hen would find her own eggs, Hulga wrote their names on them with ifferent colored Sharpies. Hulga had opposable thumbs which enabled her to write and was also why she was the alpha chicken.

Why is it a tradition to serve lamb on Easter?

As a Jewish person, I can only guess at this. After ten minutes of deep thought, I think it had to do with that little lamb who followed Mary around. This is why it’s always better to be a leader than a follower.

Why is the season between winter and summer called spring?

I think it’s because when the weather warms up, weeds and flowers pop out of the ground. They spring up, kind of like mattress springs.

Since March just recently ended, what is meant by the old adage, “In like a lion, out like a lamb”?

I don’t know. I think I pulled a muscle in my brain. I’ll bet that alpha chicken would know. Or maybe the Poet on Mushrooms from question #3.

What is meant by the phrase, “trial by fire”?

What is the difference between fact and theory?

Not much, once you factor in Alternative and Fake News. Whichever is your own personal truth becomes a fact. Truth has become subjective.

What is a postulate?

Postulating is what we do here every Friday.

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