It’s time once again for Share Your World hosted by Melanie of SparksFromaCombustibleMind fame. The questions and answers are below.

What is knowledge?

In my opinion, knowledge is gained through education and studying while wisdom is something you gain over time and through experience.

How do you define consciousness (self awareness)?

I think consciousness is the awareness of who you are innately, what you are doing, and being mindful of other’s feelings.

Is it possible to prove that other people besides yourself have consciousness?

I don’t think so. It seems you’d have to get inside their heads to be able to prove something like that.

Would you be able to tell if time had been altered in some way?

No. Time has a way of getting away from me. In fact, I don’t even bother changing the clock in my car for Daylight Savings Time. I’d just have to change it again in six months, so why bother?

Do you like potato chips (they’re called ‘crisps’ in Europe I believe)?

No. I don’t much care for greasy and/or salty things.


I am grateful to have made it through the tornado last week, physically unscathed. I am also grateful that we were only without power for a few days.

One thought

  1. Thank you Susan for Sharing Your World! A tornado?! I’m glad you are safe, I’ve been in two (small) ones and the experience was really scary. Utah is prepared for earthquakes, but not tornados. Nobody knew what to do! I agree that DLST is a pain, but I’ve heard rumors that ‘they’ have finally decided to just leave it as is when November rolls around. I guess we’ll see! Thanks for sharing today and have a great week!


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