I’m a little late with Fibbing Friday this week (well, last week now) due to the tornado that blew through the area. We were without power for a few days. Anyway, here we go!

1. What is a huskador?

A huskador is a cross between a corn husk and a humidor. I am not sure, nor is anyone else, what it is used for but it cerainly is a high-tech invention.
2. What is a cavapoo?

A Cavapoo is a rather rude male poodle who treats all female dogs cavalierly.
3. What is a chorkie?

It’s something men do in private to a chicken.

4. What is a lollie?

It is an exercise done with the tongue.
5. What is a dorkie?

It is a key that will open the door if inserted properly.
6. What is a springador?

This is what happens when you use the wrong dorkie.
7. What is a scottie?

A brand of toilet paper that for some reason, is not capitalized.

8. What is a puggle?

It is similar to juggling, except you drop everything.

9. What is a pekalier?

It is a chandelier made in Peking.
10. What is a schnappy?

A schnappy is someone who drinks way to much schnapps, usually peppermint, and ends up with his elbows stuck to the bar. Do not marry a schnappie.

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