You had me from lunch.

That very day, you acquired

a permanent address in my heart,

complete with its own Zip code.

I’ve given myself no choice —

but to hang on to a dream that can’t come true.

It’s worth it; you’re worth it.

But, If things were different…

O, if things were different!

But they are not —they are as they should be

and as they will always be.

So, I pretend

That we share Magic Moments,

the kind that last forever —

I pretend just enough to keep

what’s left of my heart, beating

instead of shattering.

It won’t accept another break

from anyone but you.

There will never be a Summer Place for us.

Two Summer Places cannot coexist.

I will find my own Summer Place,

with a Moon River running through it.

Finally, I accept

That you are in love with

out me.

What never started

will never be finished,

not for me, not in my heart.

And no one will ever know

what didn’t happen.

When all is said & done,

I wouldn’t have missed you —

the most exquisite moment

of my life — for anything.

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