It is time for Question Fun with A Guy Called Bloke. The questions are below:

  • Are you happy with your body parts?

I appreciate all they’ve done for me, but there are a few things I’d change.

  • What is the worst song ever?

That Elton John song, Someone Saved my Life Tonight. I really dislike that one.

  • What is the strangest culinary thing you have ever done with a bowl of fruit?

I’ve never done anything like that with fruit. But vegetables, now that’s a story!

  • What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done with whipped cream?

When I used to take care of an elderly friend, I’d let her have whipped cream on her cereal instead of milk. Later on, I’d squirt it right in her mouth. It was a laugh riot. We had so much fun together.

  • Okay, you have been tasked with inviting 7 famous yet dead people to your dinner party – who is on your list and more importantly, why those 7?

I would need to have two dinner parties to accommodate the variety of personalities. But here’s who I’d invite to one party:

a. Charles Bukowski

b. Franz Kafka

c. Ernest Hemingway

d. Emily Dickinson

e. Adelaide Crapsey

f. Sappho

g. Flannery O’Connor

I think it would be interesting to hear what these seven poets had to say to one another, especially Bukowski and Hemingway. Also, maybe I could pick up some writing tips.

  • What goes up, but never comes down until it stops?

A fever?

  • If l have a head, a foot and four legs what am l?

A bed.

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