It’s Fibbing Friday again and PCGuyIV of the Thoughts & Theories blog is our host today. The questions are below.

  • What is Groundhog Day all about?

It’s all about the groundhogs celebrating their peers’ birthdays at once on one specific day. It is also a day to enlighten humans to the fact that they (groundhogs) aren’t really hogs and do not root around in muck.
  • What is déjà vu?

It’s when your saliva goes down the wrong pipe and you end up choking & making a spectacle of yourself. What makes it extra-special is when it happens when you are on a first date or delivering a speech.

  • What is meant by the phrase, “Hindsight is always 20/20”?

It means our butts have eyes and can see exactly where we’ve been and what we did. Our butts don’t always know why we did it, though.

  • What are reruns?

Reruns occur wwhen we make the same mistakess over and over again.

  • What does it mean to be redundant?

It means being dundant multiple times in a row.

  • What word describes unnecessary repetition?

Flunking and having to repeat the grade in school that you flunked.

  • What is the name given to TV shows when they are shown again after their original air date

Second chances.

  • What phrase is used when you you can look back at a situation and clearly see what should have been done?

Been there, done that, will buy the t-shirt next time.

  • What is the feeling that you have been somewhere or done something before called?

Repeating the class you flunked.

  • What day supposedly determines how long winter will last based on a particular animal seeing or not seeing its shadow?

National Yeti Day. If you see a Yeti in your backyard (or balcony if you live in an apartment) on January 31, you know there will be 5 more years of winter.

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