It’s MTB (Meeting the Bar) night over at the dVerse Poets Pub. “Opening lines” is the theme:

So come on poets, join me at the beginning. Let’s find that best first line:

  • see if you can hook yourself a new reader with upfront vivid images and unusual word use
  • maybe stick with tradition (starting top left) or forge out in a new direction, maybe even a one line, or even a one-word poem (though please read the article that I’ve linked to Saroyan’s poem)  
  • perhaps try your hand at some found poetry, make something shapely or striking or something off the fridge
  • or perhaps a poem beginning with a line by a poet who’s provoked or enthralled or charmed or annoyed you (don’t forget to link to the original poem in your post).

I chose a line (also the title of a book) by one of my favorite poets, Charles Bukowski, of blessed memory. Love is a Dog from Hell.

Love is a dog from Hell.

Unpredictable. Lecherous. Vainglorious.

Biting you in the ass

when you least

deserve it, then rolling

over for a tummy rub —

lips curled back in a toxic smile

flashing switchblade-sharp fangs,

yet promising this time

will be different; this time

I won’t shred your arm or

rip your heart out.

You know better

but take the chance anyway.

Pondering your mangled heart

as it lie puddle-chunked on the floor

you remember (again):

Love is a dog from Hell.

17 thoughts

  1. Susan you may or may not believe it but I’ve got that same book on borrow from the library. Ever since Glenn wrote something about him I’ve stayed interested. Have you seen the movie, “Factotum”? It’s on his life story and really good. To your poem, you’ve nailed love. Why it has to be that way, we may never know 😦

    Back to the book, one I really like in there is the one about the “snaggle-tooth” who is the mother of his only child.

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    1. I haven’t seen Factotum, but I did read the book. Have you seen Barfly? That was supposedly based on Bukowski’s life. I just love him! His writing is so raw and real. Re; Poem. Thank you, Lisa. Idk why love has to be so…brutal. Dang!

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      1. I may have seen Barfly a long time ago. Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway? Time to give it a rewatch. Didn’t know Factotum was a book, need to find that as well! Yes I love his bluntly honest style also.

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  2. Truth lies amongst the humor in this one. Abused women traditionally tend to believe each time is the last time they will be attacked. Great opening line!

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    1. Thanks, Beverly! Glad you enjoyed. Maybe I wrote it wrong, but I was referring to the emotional brutality of love rather than physical abuse. I will have to re-read. Thanks for pointing that out! 🙂


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