It’s time once again for Poetics at the dVerse Poets Pub. Today, our host Laura Bloomsbury has asked us to Choose ONE of the lines below and write your poem as continuation where the poet left off, thematically, in the same mood, rather than literally. Give special thought to your own final lines.

I chose “Airless and unloved, in the dank basement of the mind” L. Igloria. A Reparation

Afterward, I stayed.

I needed some time

alone with you. To remember

our life, our love, and to mourn

the loss of what

we will never have.

Soon, the clouds unfurled

it was no surprise.

Without you to smile upon,

my love,

the sun cannot bring

itself to shine.

10 thoughts

  1. This is very poignant. You reminded me of that famous Auden poem – stop all the clocks – it does seem unreasonable that the world can go on despite personal loss. This is poem is sparse, clean and beautiful.

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  2. “Soon, the clouds unfurled, it was no surprise,”… this is so moving, so beautiful in its brevity. I love the poignancy with which you incorporated the given line 💝💝


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